BOFFITO, Daria Camilla
BOFFITO, Daria Camilla
BOFFITO, Daria Camilla


Chemical Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal
Regular Researcher

Prof. Boffito is leader of the EPIC (Engineering Process Intensification and Catalysis) lab.

Her team aims at bridging the gap between process intensifification and heterogeneous catalysis. The EPIC lab is equipped with mechano-chemical equipment, ultrasound and microwave reactors.

The fields of application are several and not limited to: biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals, catalyst synthesis, drug-delivery systems synthesis, water treatment, polymerizations.

Her team is also active in CO2 conversion and gat-to-liquid processes, specifically all aspects relates to the synthesis and characterization of the catalysts involved.

Key Words : process Intensification, heterogeneous catalysis, biomass, water treatment, gas-to-liquids

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Polytechnique Montréal
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Montréal (Québec)
H3T 1J4

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