BOHLE, Scott
BOHLE, Scott
BOHLE, Scott


Department of Chemistry, McGill University
Regular Researcher

We are chemical biologists who seek to learn new chemistry from biology.

Broadly the Bohle group is interested in chemical biology with a particular aim of learning new chemistry from biology.  To this end we have long standing interests in the chemistry of nitrogen cycle, malaria, and tungsten toxicity.  Biology is renowned for its ability to transform nitrogen and its oxides and hydrides with efficiency and specificity.  We have been particularly interested in finding cleaner greener methods for nitration and nitrosation reactions. Malaria provides exquisite new examples of how to process and detoxify heme in new ways.  Finally the polyoxometallates of tungsten are remarkable catalysts and their presence in bone tissue after tungsten exposure makes them discreet toxins as well.

Key Words : inorganic chemistry, nitrogen chemistry

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