Department of Chemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
Regular Researcher

The laboratory of Prof Claverie is focusing on new sustainable methods for the production of organic materials, often derived from petroleum products, and hybrids materials (containing an organic part and another inorganic part).

Research activities include:
– the development of partially biobased epoxy resins, free of bisphenols
– the design of new photocatalysts which can be used for the depollution of water or air
– the synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials (organic / inorganic)
– the development of effective polymeric nanoencapsulation strategies on a variety of particles, whether they are made of oxide, metal, carbon or organic products, and whatever their form (0D, 1D or 2D)

Key Words : materials chemistry, polymers, photocatalysis, carbon nanocomposites, and nanoencapsulation

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Department of Chemistry
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