GREGORY, Patience
Gregory Patience
GREGORY, Patience


Polytechnique Montréal
Regular Researcher

Our laboratory has integrated mechano-chemical techniques to decrease the processing times to produce powders. We introduce ultrasonic probes into media mills with 2 mm zirconia beads. We also have spray drying capability from the bench scale (150 mm in diameter) to the semi-works scale (800 mm in diameter, with a drying capacity of 10 kg h-1).  Much of the equipement was purchased from an Automotive Partnership grant to produce LiFePO4 batteries. We are developing catalytic processes to convert bio-substrates to value added chemicals and fuels:  One application is to atomize poorly volatile compounds – fructose, glucose, HMF, DFF, vegetable oil, glucose, lignin – into fluidized beds operating above 150 oC.  We have two industrial collaborations to treat end of life polymers and programs in flow chemistry for peroxides and another project on cannabis.

Key Words : fluidization, catalysis, bio-substrates, powder technology, kinetic modelling

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