BÉLANGER, Guillaume
BÉLANGER, Guillaume
BÉLANGER, Guillaume


Department of Chemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
Regular Researcher

Alkaloids often have polycyclic and complex structures, with interesting and varied biological activities. In order to study the rarest of them, we must be able to synthesize them. One of the best approaches is to develop cascades of cyclization reactions that generate molecular complexity very quickly from easily accessible precursors. In this sense, we have developed reaction cascades triggered by chemoselective activation of amide or carbamate followed by nucleophilic trappings or cycloadditions. These strategies are applied to the total synthesis of complex alkaloids and to the production of libraries of compounds used to explore new chemical spaces for applications in medicinal chemistry.

Key Words : development of synthetic strategies, total synthesis of alkaloids, cyclization cascades, iminium ion chemistry, azomethine ylides and munchnones cycloadditions, medicinal chemistry

Address :
Department of Chemistry
Université de Sherbrooke
2500, boulevard de l’Université
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1K 2R1

Contact : guillaume.belanger@usherbrooke.ca

Website : http://gbelanger.espaceweb.usherbrooke.ca/